Sunday, January 17, 2016

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Snapshots from San Francisco, Words with JAM

In Passing, Thought Notebook, reprinted from The Milo Review


Chewing the CudEmpty Sink Publishing

A Sunset in the Sunset, WeberThe Contemporary West, p. 117 or here

Nothing Wrong, Empty Sink Publishing

The Un-scene, Gravel

Disappearing Acts, Words with JAM, read by JJ Marsh


Feature screenplay: "Where I Shall Be Remembered"


A history teacher unearths a dark family secret when he travels back in time to the end of World War II and must use his knowledge of the past to survive and get back to the present to face his life-changing discovery.

2014 High Concept Screenplay Competition semi-finalist

Screenwriting Goldmine Competition quarter-finalist


My Houzz: Visit an Architect’s World of Color and Creativity, Houzz

My Houzz: A Country House for 2 in the Blink of an Eye, Houzz

Houzz Tour: In Japan, Farmhouse Style Inspires an Island Home, Houzz

An Open Letter to the Man Who Criticized Me On A First Date, Huffington Post

What Happened When a Man Said He Hadn’t Had Sex in Two Years, Huffington Post


Антология Григорьевской премии 2011, Лимбус Пресс

Любь | Осадки | Сонные | Горы, Полутона

Положительно нет | Стихотворения, Топос

Про любовь, Точка Зрения

На одном языке, Сатирикон-бис

Стихи, Пролог


The Will, A Spiked Angel by G. Grigoryev in Каракёй и Кадикёй No. 6